ION is a distributed real-time communication system, let people communicate anydevice, anytime, anywhere!




  • Real Destributed RTC Architecture with microservices
  • Modern, full-platforms SDKs/APPs: Flutter, JS, GO, Swift etc.
  • High performance, continuous optimization
  • Full webrtc stacks: NACK/PLI/TWCC/REMB/RR/SR/Simulcast
  • Advandced features: Speaker-Detection, Simulcast, Selective-Subcription


Try this playground. Build a conference room with little code

☕️Why ION?

RTC Public PAAS/SAAS are expensive and limited flexibility, like: Twilio/Agora/Zoom

Real Destributed RTC System is not easy. Many Public PAAS/SAAS based on destributed architecture with microservices. This is not a simple cluster architecture.

ION make all things easy, from front-end to back-end, will support all platforms, all scene, all protocol

Tips: You can learn go/webrtc/flutter/.. first if you are a newbie of RTC, see faq